Coaching Philosophy

                As an athlete, I have derived my own philosophy of what coaching consists of. My philosophy of coaching includes having the right mindset, the right qualities, and the right relationship with athletes. As a physical educator is clear that coaching is something completely different than teaching and that coaching will come second to my teaching, although I always want to see students become involved in after school activities of any kind.
            As a coach I need to ensure that I am there for the players. I feel that in order to be a successful coach I must choose a sport that I am fully competent in and will be able to provide the most success and knowledge. As a coach I must make sure that everyone is equal on the team and earns a chance to participate even though this can be difficult in certain sports. I also feel that being a coach requires one to not always want to win, but to see success in their team and individuals reach goals and achievements.
            The qualities that I feel make a successful coach are motivation, determination, and communication. As a coach, motivation and determination are what help push a team in the right direction and strive for success in every athlete. These qualities will allow me to work with any athlete until I find what they excel in, which is what makes everyone successful. Communication is one the most important aspects of coaching because I need to be able to not only talk about knowledge of the game, but any outside problems that may come up including grades or teammate problems. With these qualities I can find much success in all my athletes individually and as a team.
            Having the right relationship with my athletes includes gaining respect and trust, which will only occur if I show them respect and trust. This will be done by clearly stating that we are team and that everyone is equal and will receive the same treatment. I will also demonstrate trust and respect by treating everyone like an equal individual and letting my athletes know that I am always going support them and provide for success.
            As a coach, no matter what the situation, I will always demonstrate respect, motivation, and communication amongst all my players.

Physical Education Philosophy

            My physical education philosophy is centered on making all students actively involved in physical activity to childhood decrease the rate of obesity, creating lifetime fitness, and having success in all my students. Physical education requires meeting the needs of all students; athletes to obese students and making sure everyone is given equal opportunity to succeed. I plan to have positive things occur in the physical education setting that will transfer to physical activity outside of school.
            I want to ensure that all students are actively involved in physical activity in order to prevent childhood obesity and make children more active at a young age. I will structure every lesson to meet the needs of all my students and provide different opportunities in everything that we do. I will also make my lessons fun and interesting to the students. My goal is to have full participation by all of my students and to hopefully make a difference in several students’ lives.  I will portray the message of any physical activity is better than nothing to my students.
            Physical education has turned in the direction of providing lifetime fitness activities, which provide opportunities for physical activity outside of the gymnasium. I feel this is a great opportunity to show students that physical activity can be fun by doing things such as cross-fit training instead the old run laps and stretch to warm up. Lifetime fitness is a way in which I plan to help every student find something that they are successful at and can participate in. Developing lifetime fitness in physical education at a young age allows for more physically active high school students and even adults.
            Physical education is an area in which many students don’t participate because they don’t see success. I will not allow this to happen because everybody has something they are great at and everyone can also improve their physical activity. Not everyone is going to be a varsity athlete, but that doesn’t mean I can’t create a fun setting. I will create challenges and adaptations for every activity we do in order to include everyone and make everyone feel successful.
            Physical education provides students with the knowledge and ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout a lifetime and is the key to reducing childhood obesity.


As I have gone through college, my philosophy on teaching has changed numerous times in terms of my reason for teaching, qualities of a teacher, and my involvement with student. My overall belief is in providing my students with the overall best education I can; the term education can be stated simply by saying it is the development of knowledge. This knowledge comes in many forms and is used to create independent individuals who can succeed in society in their futures. Every teacher has different thoughts and values on what education is truly comprised of, but I feel that it includes ensuring students are prepared for the world outside of the classroom, and that every individual is given equal opportunities, which are all done through a teacher with outstanding qualities.
The qualities a teacher possesses are unique because they include being compassionate, patient, leadership, content knowledge, and being influential. With all of these qualities a teacher can lead their students to be successful and achieve goals above what they expect. Being able to demonstrate leadership and compassion towards students will ensure in them that you are there for their success. The last important quality for a teacher to be successful is demonstrating to their students that they are organized and have the knowledge in their content area needed to provide success. All of these qualities will lead to trust and respect from students, which will allow for the best educational setting.
With every student having their own thoughts and values in life; the first objective I have as a teacher is to ensure that all students are given several opportunities to explore life and become more knowledgeable. This requires that my primary focus be not to teach students what I feel is important in life and my values and beliefs, but allow each student to figure out what is best for them.  By allowing students to explore different possibilities it will open the door to so many opportunities that are unique to each individual and every student will find what it is they are successful at. Every student deserves to be able to become more knowledgeable about their future and where they want to go in life. Eventually, all students will move on from the classroom and have to face society and the rest of life which can be overwhelming. Ensuring that all students are confident with their decisions, no matter what they are, and have the necessary knowledge to pursue them is my job as an educator.
Last, as a teacher I will face a variety of different students who all need different accommodations for success. As a teacher it is my job to ensure that everyone has success and feels welcome in society. This is where as a teacher compassion and patience are important factors because we have to work with every student to find out what they excel in and the right path for them in order to be successful. As a teacher in order to feel like my job is complete I have to make sure that every single student feels successful and that they have achieved more than what was imaginable.