Friday, December 9, 2011

Assessment Report

Adapted Physical Education Assessment

Results Report

Name:  Thomas
Program:  Skill Builders
Date of Birth:  2007,17, December
Age:    3 Years
Test Date:  November 29, 2011
Examiner: Amanda Griffin 

Thomas is a 3 year old full of energy who loves to explore everything in the gymnasium and communicates with short phrases. Thomas enjoys physical education but has difficulties when given too many directions or isn’t shown how to do something beforehand. He enjoys making a lot of noise as well as loud noises and may say “no” sometimes when asked to perform certain tasks. He is an average size for his age and is a very happy child who loves to run around and loves cars. Thomas likes to be rewarded by receiving high fives throughout class as well as receiving a sticker and a picture at the end of each class.   

Thomas Murphy was assessed using the Test of Gross Motor Development -2 (TGMD-2) on Tuesday, November 29, 2011 between the times of 6 and 7pm.

The outcomes of his assessment are as follows :

Assessment tool:  TGMD-2

TGMD 2 Loco-motor Subtest                                                                                 Score/Possible Score

a.       Run- Thomas demonstrated running at the initial stage of development.                             3/8

He was able to have a brief period where both feet were off the ground,

but he had a wide base of support and ran flat footed a majority of the time.      

            b. Horizontal jump- Thomas demonstrated an initial level of development                             4/8

                while performing a horizontal jump. He was able to prepare for a proper

                jump by flexing both his knees and arm. He did take off and land on both

                of his feet a majority of the time, especially when reminded. 

            c. Gallop- Thomas demonstrated a very initial level of galloping. He was not able                 08

                to perform the skill facing forward; he would turn his body toward the side.

               His back leg had a tendency to not remain behind his lead leg. 

            d. Hop- When hoping Thomas was not able to continually jump on the same leg.                  0/10

                Even when performing one hop, he would start on one leg but land on two.

                He didn’t use his arms to help balance him or for force. 

            e. Slide- Thomas was able to perform the slide with his lower body turned to the side,           2/8

                but he would cross his feet and turn his upper body forward. 

            f. Leap- Thomas was able to perform the leap at a very initial level, which included  1/6

                him having a very brief period where both feet are off the ground. He wasn’t able

                to take off on one foot and land on the other; he had a tendency to land on the

                same foot he took of with.     


                                                                                    Subtest Total Score:   10/48  

TGMD-2 Object Control Subtest

a.       Catch-  Thomas demonstrated most of the aspects a proper catch, but still had           4/6

an initial level. He was able to prepare for an object by placing both of his hands

in front of him and extend his arm to reach for the object. He was unable to catch

the ball with only his hands though.                           

b.   Kick- Thomas demonstrated a portion of the skills involved in kicking and did show        3/8

      imporvements with each trial. He was able to have a rapid and continuous

      approach to the ball and eventually worked toward having a stride before

      contact. However, he kicks the ball with his toe. 

c. Overhand throw- Thomas demonstrated a very initial level of throwing. He threw           3/8

using mainly his elbow and did not throw over hand. However, he was able to

follow through with each throw.  

f.  Underhand roll- Thomas demonstrated half of the skills for an underhand roll, which          4/8

    included bending his knees to get close to the ground and releasing the ball close

    to the ground. He did not use a full body motion and swing his arms back and he

    also used both hands instead of just one.

                                                                                                Subtest Total Score:   14/30                                                                          

                                                                                                TGMD 2 Total Score:            24/78

Suggested Recommendations: Based upon the results of the assessment (24/78) (TGMD-2) it is suggested that Thomas’s work on the following activities across these domains:

  • Cognitive:  Thomas will be able to recognize at least 5 different colors when using objects in each activity.
  • Affective:  Thomas will be able to complete at least 4 out of the 6 tasks without saying “no” and disrupting other lessons when in class.
  • Psychomotor:  Thomas will be able to jump off a gymnastics mat at least 5 out of 10 times when asked by the teacher.
  • Fitness:  Thomas will be able to run and participate in physical activity continuously for 5 minutes.

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