Friday, November 4, 2011

Should athletes be held responsible for a mistake that the athletic director made?

Recently, I read an article in which a high school girls's soccer team in Buffalo was unable to compete in the end of the season sectional game as well as any other championship game because a mistake by the athletic director. According to the article these girls were the best in the section and possibly one of the best in New York, but had played one too many games throughout the regular season. This was a scheduling mistake that should have been caught by the athletic director who knew of this policy. These girls had played an entire season with no yellow cards and deserved every right to play in the championships, but are not going to be able to.

In a situation like this I don't feel the team should not be held accountable. They were not the reason they couldn't move on; the athletic director is. I feel that he should be held responsible, whether this be in put on a restriction or fired; he should owe these girls a whole lot for ruining their season because he scheduled too many games.