Friday, December 9, 2011

Coaching Philosphy

Coaching Philosophy

                As an athlete, I have derived my own philosophy of what coaching consists of. My philosophy of coaching includes having the right mindset, the right qualities, and the right relationship with athletes. As a physical educator is clear that coaching is something completely different than teaching and that coaching will come second to my teaching, although I always want to see students become involved in after school activities of any kind.

            As a coach I need to ensure that I am there for the players. I feel that in order to be a successful coach I must choose a sport that I am fully competent in and will be able to provide the most success and knowledge. As a coach I must make sure that everyone is equal on the team and earns a chance to participate even though this can be difficult in certain sports. I also feel that being a coach requires one to not always want to win, but to see success in their team and individuals reach goals and achievements.

            The qualities that I feel make a successful coach are motivation, determination, and communication. As a coach, motivation and determination are what help push a team in the right direction and strive for success in every athlete. These qualities will allow me to work with any athlete until I find what they excel in, which is what makes everyone successful. Communication is one the most important aspects of coaching because I need to be able to not only talk about knowledge of the game, but any outside problems that may come up including grades or teammate problems. With these qualities I can find much success in all my athletes individually and as a team.

            Having the right relationship with my athletes includes gaining respect and trust, which will only occur if I show them respect and trust. This will be done by clearly stating that we are team and that everyone is equal and will receive the same treatment. I will also demonstrate trust and respect by treating everyone like an equal individual and letting my athletes know that I am always going support them and provide for success.

            As a coach, no matter what the situation, I will always demonstrate respect, motivation, and communication amongst all my players.

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