Friday, December 9, 2011

Physical Education Philosphy

Physical Education Philosophy

            My physical education philosophy is centered on making all students actively involved in physical activity to childhood decrease the rate of obesity, creating lifetime fitness, and having success in all my students. Physical education requires meeting the needs of all students; athletes to obese students and making sure everyone is given equal opportunity to succeed. I plan to have positive things occur in the physical education setting that will transfer to physical activity outside of school.

            I want to ensure that all students are actively involved in physical activity in order to prevent childhood obesity and make children more active at a young age. I will structure every lesson to meet the needs of all my students and provide different opportunities in everything that we do. I will also make my lessons fun and interesting to the students. My goal is to have full participation by all of my students and to hopefully make a difference in several students’ lives.  I will portray the message of any physical activity is better than nothing to my students.

            Physical education has turned in the direction of providing lifetime fitness activities, which provide opportunities for physical activity outside of the gymnasium. I feel this is a great opportunity to show students that physical activity can be fun by doing things such as cross-fit training instead the old run laps and stretch to warm up. Lifetime fitness is a way in which I plan to help every student find something that they are successful at and can participate in. Developing lifetime fitness in physical education at a young age allows for more physically active high school students and even adults.

            Physical education is an area in which many students don’t participate because they don’t see success. I will not allow this to happen because everybody has something they are great at and everyone can also improve their physical activity. Not everyone is going to be a varsity athlete, but that doesn’t mean I can’t create a fun setting. I will create challenges and adaptations for every activity we do in order to include everyone and make everyone feel successful.

            Physical education provides students with the knowledge and ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout a lifetime and is the key to reducing childhood obesity.

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